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~Candle Holder~


What you will need is PSP 7. If you do not have PSP7 you can download it for a 30 day trial.. Just click here and it will take you there..


Remember to SAVE and save OFTEN!


Now on this tutorial we will be using the preset shapes.. Open up a new image 400 by 400, And the foreground & background black, then click on the  preset shape to were you see ellipse.

Antialias checked and the vector unchecked. Now go to your image and draw a shinny ellipse. Now if it's not skinny enough, go to the deformation tool and shape it. 

Now add a new layer, use the ellipse again. Draw a ellipse, but not to big and not to small. Now will still at layer 2, go to the selection and use the rectangle, feather 0, antialias unchecked. You are going to draw a rectangle on half of the ellipse then cut. You can use the deformation tool again. Go ahead and move layer 2 up under layer 1. Look at the images below. Don't forget to save your work !!

Now add a new layer, and call it head. Go to the preset shapes, ellipse again. And draw a circle.

Add a layer. You are going to draw a body. Now go to the draw tool, freehand, width 5, antialias checked. Now make a squiggle line.

 How you doing so far? Add a new layer and make the leg. Same settings as before.

We need to add a layer for the arms. Now when you draw the first arm, edit, copy, past as new selections, and move it into place.


Your are almost done. Add new layer, you are going to add the hair. But in the draw tool, freehand make the width 3.

Add a new layer. Go to the preset shapes and use the ellipses, width 5 antialias checked. Now on the foreground make it black, background Null. And draw a circle. After you get done with that. Make a new layer and draw a straight line across the circle you just did. Use the freehand again, width 5. Now would be a good time to make your layers merge, merge visible.

Ok now go to where you made the body, up by the arms. Now go to the selections tool, rectangle. You want to make a rectangle just a little over the arms and down the body. Look at the image.

What ever you DO NOT deselected. Just click in the middle of the rectangle. Now you should have some ants going around.. Look at the image above. Now you can flood fill with a color are pattern, that you would  like to use.

One more step and you are done. Now go down to the legs. And click on the freehand, the one that looks like a rope. Select the point to point, feather one antialias checked. Go around some of the body and down part of the legs. Kind of make a triangle. Now flood fill with a color or a pattern, and you will get this.

Congratulation !! You just made you a candle holder. Now go ahead merge, merge visible and save it as a tube. You can make many different candle holders. Just play around with different shapes. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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